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Some sad goodbyes!

Wales team on streets

We are missing the team that came from S. Wales already. Andrew, Helen, Miriam and Sam were an encouragement, blessing, support, help, and became great friends to our family (Nisha and Anya especially loved having them around!), as well as to many other Mexicans here. 

They were here for two weeks, and although we thoroughly wore them out, we felt the time went much too quickly. The 2 weeks were busy and at times intense, but the team coped really well, and were willing to go the extra mile even when they were cream crackered! The photo above shows them helping to give out food  to a group they visited on the streets.  They also spent a number of days at the drop in centre, and towards the end of their visit they enabled a group of kids and young people (mainly from the drop in centre) to go on a day outing to a beautiful location outside of Mexico City where there is a geothermic river and swimming pools that the kids could have fun in . For those kids the memory of that day will last forever, and the words and actions of the team made a real impact of their lives. Each member of the team sharedf  part of their testimony or a message at some point of their stay, and each time God used what they shared to encourage those around them. 

We know that the impact will not end there either. Whenever people come to visit, one of the greatest benefits to the work is that these people go home and pray even more fervently, and get others to pray and get involved as well. If any of you reading this would like to hear more about their experiences or would like to know how to get on a team yourself, please get in touch, we are always up for more people coming and having a first hand experience! 

Since the team leaving, we also had to say a sad goodbye to the Reid family who left for a year's home assignment in N. Ireland, They are like an extended family to us and they stayed with us for a few days before leaving, which meant we had some good quality time with them. 

At the same time however, a treasured member of the MEFI team - Alex's brother, Memo - died after a long battle with illness. He had been our cook at the drop in centre and had provided delicious meals, despite being blind and cooking using only touch and smell! He will be sorely missed by many, especially of course his family (he has two kids in their late teens/early 20's). Please pray for this precious family as they have been through so much recently, we know that the enemy wants to discourage them, but their faith and perseverance have been an example to many. 

New faces and new roles

This is a photo of the team who will be arriving tomorrow (Monday) to work with us over the next two weeks.  They are Helen, Andrew,  Sam and Miriam (from left to right) and are coming from South Wales. 

We are really excited about what God may have in store over the next couple of weeks. It never ceases to amaze us that no matter what the programme entails, God has always gone before and is preparing each member of the team for what He wants to do through and in them. One of the things we are most excited about is taking some of the street kids on a day outing to celebrate Independence day (September 15th). Please pray for these guys and us over the next couple of weeks, for the travelling we'll be doing, the translating, and opportunities to see lives changed.

Now that Helen and I are no longer new kids on the block/ field (though we still feel like it at times), we have been given some extra responsibilities; Helen will be helping to host teams when they come, making sure food is bought in advance, beds are made etc to ensure each team feels welcomed and well cared for. In addition to collating and sending prayer news for MEFI, Helen will also be fulfilling the same role for OMS Mexico. I have been officially asked to take on more responsibility for MEFI. Up until now I have helped lead MEFI with Interim directors taking the overall lead, however, now I will be assuming the responsibility of overall leadership. This is quite a daunting but exciting time in the life of MEFI as we seek to grow from a seedling into something stronger and more effective. Please pray as I seek to lead the team and discern God's vision for the ministry so that ultimately more and more homeless children and young people might be set free from their horrific situations and come to have a real and meanful relationship with Jesus.