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Child Like Faith

We're all really glad to have Steve back after 2 weeks of him being in England. We were thankful that he was able to go and be with his family to offer support and give a tribute to Pappy at his funeral. We were sad that we couldn't joing him and we all missed him immensely, but it is sometimes good to have times apart to make us realise how much we miss each other and to remind us how much we love each other and need to be together. 

The girls both reacted in their own ways to Daddy's absence. Anya's nights became much more unsettled, and Nisha's behaviour went a bit hay-wire at times. (I just tried to make it through each day intact! I was very grateful to have Hilary's company whilst he was away) However, they too have shown their love for him in a greater way since he got back: Nisha doesn't want to let him out of her sight, and Anya just wants to beat him up all the time - her way of showing affection!  Nisha is growing a lot in her relationship with Jesus as well and will often pray in a very honest and down to earth way - which often challenges us to imitate her childlike faith and friendship with Jesus. We have included a little video of her talking to Jesus before going to sleep that I recorded through the baby monitor. 


The big day

IMG_1916 IMG_1905
Well, after weeks of marriage preparation, the big day arrived for Sofia and Joe (not real names). There was a lot of anxiety leading up to the day - they were literally relying on God's provision for every detail, but they weren't disappointed, everything came together at the last minute, and it was a wonderful day. 

To be correct, it was evening, not day. the wedding started at 6 pm with the church ceremony, which lasted about 2 and a half hours, and then on to the reception at the rented hall, which went on til the early hours. Those of us that went from the MEFI team only lasted til about 11.30, and it was wonderful to witness the miracle of God joining two very damaged and rough diamonds being joined together to create a beautiful new creation. 

There were people there from all walks of life - street kids, church members, various people who had influenced their lives, their new adopted family. It was truly a testimony to how far God had brought these two precious children of His, and we know that He has some great things in store for them as a couple. In fact, last week when we met up with them, they both told us how they wanted to work with other street kids and share what God had done in their lives.The photos above and below show the very Mexican tradition of the 'mordida' where the couple (or birthday girl/boy) have to take a bite from the cake, then someone creeps up behind and pushes their face in to all the cream and icing on top - very flattering!IMG_1908

Please continue to remember Steve back in the UK with his family. The funeral for 'Pappy' is on Wednesday so it will be an emotional time for the whole family, pray for time to grieve and to remember good times they had with 'Pappy'. 

A Sad Goodbye...

After a difficult couple of months 'Pappy', who is my grandfather on my Dad's side, finally breathed his last  and is now at peace.Whilst we knew that losing him was probable we were caught off guard by the timing as the hospital had stabilised him and were actively treating him. However on Wednesday during a routine check-up he collapsed and died with heart faliure. My sister Jess was just outside his room when it happened. My parents knowing he was stabilised decided to go ahead with a planned trip to visit my brother on the Mediterranean cruise ship where he was working.

I am thankful for OMS' support and the great insurance company they chose which will pay my fare to return to the UK next weekend so that I can join my family at this hard time. It is at times like this that the heartache of being away from family is made even more intense. It has been especially hard not being able to support them in the way I would have liked, and it is hard to grieve properly when it still feels a little bit surreal. Helen and the girls will remain here to 'man the ship' and it's great we have Hillary (mentioned in last week's blog) staying with us as she will be a great support to Helen while I'm away.

As you can see from the picture, Nisha and Anya both met Pappy and Nisha was also sad to hear the news of his death. He had a tremendous sense of humour and was a gifted artist, (those of you reading this from the South West of England will have no doubt seen some of his paintings), in fact one of the reasons he decided to bring the family down from his native South Wales was to study the sea more so he could capture it's movement for his paintings. His fans (us included) would applaude this decision as many recognise his talent to capture some amazing scenes.

I will be in England for two weeks so I might see some of you then. Please pray for my family both in Torquay and Mexico during this time. 

New arrival! (no, not another baby!)

Hilary patching up street boy

One of the joys of being part of a large international organisation is that we get to welcome people from all over the world to come and work with us for varying amounts of time. For example, we have two families in language school in Costa Rica right now, one from the UK and the other the USA, who are coming here as career missionaries for as long as God calls them to stay. They will be working in different ministries of OMS here in Mexico. We said farewell to the team from South Wales last week who came for two weeks and on Friday we are welcoming Hillary Faas, from Indiana in the mid-western USA. She is in language school in another part of Mexico right now and she came to visit us for a few days last month to get an idea of where she may be living and what she may be involved in . She only went to the drop in centre for one day, but her skills as a nurse were soon put into practice with one lad who said a firework had gone off in his eye and had a wound and no sight in that eye (see picture above), and another lad who had a large wound on his leg from a fall. 

Hillary will be with us until May, and Helen and I have the privilege of encouraging and leading her while she's here. Hillary has just finished university training to be a nurse. She is going to spend the majority of her time working with MEFI.

Please pray we'd find her somewhere to stay while she's here, she's going to stay with us in our spare room until she can find a more permanent solution (she'd ideally like to live with a Mexican family, but like to live close by to us). Please also pray as she can balance the demands and needs of ministry and people with where her gifting and skills lie. Sometimes the two don't always match up, and this can cause frustration and lack of clear vision and direction.

Please also pray for us as a family, we've been wrestling with ill health this week; food poisoning last week and sore throats, coughs and runny noises this week. Of course with Steve being a man, there is a concern that the dreaded 'man flu' might kick in and cups of tea and constant brow mopping and TLC will be required by the rest of the family!!!!