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One of the challanges of being on the mission field is not having time with the wider family. However, we have been immensely blessed this past week by having time with all of Steve's immediate family. Steve's parents arrived on the 18th January and are sadly leaving on Wednesday, but then Jess (Steve's sister) arrived on Friday and will be with us for 2 weeks, so that softens the blow of them leaving. 
Part of the plan whilst Steve's parents were here was that we would be able to see Nick, Steve's brother, who was docking in Acapulco as part of his world cruise. Nick works on the ship as an entertainer and singer and we were all grateful for the short amount of time we had with him.
It has been nice to have them arrive at a time when ministry has been quite intense. If any of you have been following the MEFI weekly blog you'll be aware that there have been a lot of ups and downs. So far this year we have 3 deaths and 5 going into rehab. So our hearts have been broken and encouraged at the same time. 
It has been a partiular joy to watch Nisha and Anya having fun with their Nanna, Pappa, Uncle & Auntie. They are loving having them around and they have enjoyed all the extra ice cream that has been bought since they've been here and have enjoyed the extended Christmas that we've had. 
We will have another Christmas dinner on Tuesday which could be belated, or early depending on how you see it!  This opportunity to spend time with family is so special and important to us so we're packing in as many celebrations as possible.  
Please pray for us as we have all these "hellos" and "goodbyes". We say goodbye to Steve's parents on Wednesday and then goodbye to Jess in a couple of weeks. However, on that same day we'll also say 'hello' to Steve and Vanessa - good friends and supporters from our home church that are coming to join us in ministry for a week. They will be helping us to put together a video to promote the 'sponsor a worker' scheme. After they leave we then have the first of quite a few teams this year who are coming to help us with construction of the second level of the drop in centre.


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