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A Story in Pictures

It's been a month of excitement and celebration in the Cosslett household. I thought the best way to tell you all about it would be through pictures. 

Just before their school broke up for Easter, Nisha and Anya celebrated 'Spring Festival'. This is a big festival here and the majority of schools put on a special event. Nisha and Anya each had a part in the show which included lots of singing and dancing (which of course they enjoyed), and then after this, all the children took part in a procession along a boulevard in the middle of the main road. They rode their bicycles (and pushchairs) which were all decorated with flowers, balloons, ribbons, and all sorts of other things. Some of the bicycles looked like carnival floats! Thankfully no cars collided whilst they passed us!



And then there was a big birthday to celebrate - 5 years old! We're still in shock! Nisha invited a few friends to a 'Princess Party' (no boys came!) and courtesy of a friend of ours who leant her a dress, Nisha was transformed in to 'Belle' (from Beauty and the Beast) and had her face painted and hair done to help her look the part. She definitely looked like a little princess as you can see. Our friend also had a little Snow White dress for Anya - which she was happy to take off at the end of the party - but she made a good go of being a princess, even though she may have preferred to be one of the 7 dwarfs!




That was on the Saturday after her birthday, so on the actual day Nisha chose to go on Safari! Yep, Safari in Mexico, just outside of Mexico City! The day was full of activity, but some of the highlights were feeding the giraffes, bisons, lamas, buffalos, zebras, deer, emus, and camels, holding a guacamaya, stroking a snake, Nisha doing a bungie jump (from the ground in a sitting harness I hasten to add!), riding on the pedal boats, and of course stroking the bunny rabbits (always Anya's highlight). 



These were some other 'animals' that were being fed on safari and who got very sticky in the process!



Finally, we had the opportunity to go on a little retreat during the Easter break. The adults had some teaching sessions which were all very well worth going to, and then in between we had fun in the swimming pool - which the kids never wanted to get out of! However, we need to introduce the new man in Nisha and Anya's life (Anya especially fell in love with him). He was a little chef standing in the hotel restaurant. A fight even broke out between Anya and another little girl who both had a crush on him! We think Anya fell for him firstly because he's the same height as her, and secondly because he's a chef! As Steve is the only other man in her life, I think he felt a bit jealous, but I reasured him that he is slightly better looking, so I don't think he has too much to worry about!