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Nisha's Graduation!

Last Friday Nisha's Kindergarten had their graduation ceremony! It summed up Mexico's love of patriotism, formalities and parties! Although those that were graduating were only 6 years old (here Primary starts at 6), they came fully robed with their mortar boards, and were awarded their Diplomas one by one just like at graduation. Of course the ceremony commenced by marching in the flag to the national anthem, to which Nisha knows all the words and sings at the top of her voice!
The younger children had practiced some words of encouragement to say to those that were leaving and then sang a song in English and Spanish (which we have included a snippet of in the video link above). Then the older children each took one of the younger ones by the hand and danced with them, and then handed them a candle as a symbol of 'passing on the baton'. 
Then the parents met each teacher in their classroom and were handed all the books of work that the children had done, including the evaluation reports and marks! Wow, I came away thinking Nisha had just finished College - not Kinder 2! The evaluation reports made us really proud of Nisha though. Not because of the grades she got, but because of what the teacher said about her as a person. The teacher said that there are no barriers between her and the Mexican kids, that she plays and interacts with them as if she were the same nationality. She also said that Nisha is confident in herself and doesn't let others influence her, but does what she believes is right. We pray that she continues to grow emotionally and spiritually and be confident in who God has made her to be. 
We are all really excited that tomorrow we are flying back to the UK for just over 3 weeks. It is going to be a fairly crazy time trying to catch up with as many people as possible, but we are so looking forward to it. Our main objective this time is to see family. Some of our family we haven't seen for a year, Nick (Steve's brother) has just returned from working on a world cruise so there is lots to catch up on there. We also have a brand new nephew (Helen's brother and sister-in-law's new baby) that we are dying to meet. Steve has also been invited to preach at his friend's wedding. So the time is going to fly by! 
One of the things that Nisha and Anya are looking forward to most, apart from seeing family and friends, is that the house where we will be staying has a swing and a slide in the garden! God has blessed our socks off by providing a beautiful house in a beautiful location for us to stay in whilst we're in the UK. A wonderful couple from our church have generously let us stay in their home and already made us feel really welcome before we've even arrived! They have used their house to minister to many people, and we feel challenged by their amazing example of love and sacrifice. 
Although, sadly we will not be able to catch up with all of you individually whilst we are back, we want to invite those of you in the Devon area to come and hear an update about our work in Mexico at Upton Vale Baptist church, Torquay on Tuesday 16th July at 7.30 pm. It would be great to see you and at least say 'Hi', if we're not able to chat for longer. Steve is also preaching at Upton Vale on Sunday 28th July (10:30 am), just before we leave, and we may be giving a brief update in that service as well, although we won't be able to give as much information as on the Tuesday evening. We'd love to see as many of you as possible, even if it is just briefly. We are so grateful for every one of you and for the love, prayers and support that we have received whilst we have been in Mexico, it means a great deal to us. 
As they say here in Mexico, ┬íHasta Pronto! We better go and finish off the packing now!