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Winning Mexico on our Knees!

I have just been reading through our previous blogs and can't believe a month has passed by since we celebrated Christmas. The Christmas break was very much needed; I (Steve) crawled across the finish line after a very busy run up to the festive celebrations including an international trip and a number of end of year reports that needed to be finished.

Coming back in January I have felt a burning passion to pray and call others to do the same. Before Christmas I met with several men that were struggling. There is one pastor, who I’m now counselling, who fell in to temptation and has subsequently put his marriage in jeopardy. Then just this past week I spent almost 70% of my week meeting with people who were pouring their hearts out and sharing their struggles; with sin, with life changing decisions, vocation options, or financial worries. 

While it is a privilege for me to walk with people during their struggles, it’s not the area I’m most gifted in and therefore I find it very draining. As a result a lot of the things I should be giving my attention to get left behind as well. There is massive temptation to stay at the office late and work, or go in on my day off to try and catch up, but then the Lord reminds me, that if I compromise my time with Him or with the family I will end up just like those I’m seeking to counsel. 

I truly believe the reason so many of our leaders are facing such opposition at this time is because we are on the fringes of revival. We have such exciting plans to grow Christ’s church here and the spiritual opposition we face is tangible right now. 

As I call OMS Mexico, our national church and our other ministries to prayer, we are doing the same thing internationally. We are trying to grow a network of prayer warriors to join us in winning Mexico for Christ on our knees.

We are asking our prayer warriors to do two things; number one, receive prayer requests once a month to pray for Mexico and the needs we have, as well as rejoicing with us in answered prayer. Number two, to ask people to set the alarm on their phone or their watch for 10:02 (am or pm) to pray for more workers for the harvest. Why 10:02? Because it’s a reference to Luke 10:2 He told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

Please take up this challenge seriously to set your alarm for 10:02 everyday and pray for more workers for the harvest field in Mexico.

Please pray for us as a family, Nisha and Anya’s school still hasn’t opened and therefore they are now meeting in another building. We are also on the count-down now for baby number three due to arrive in 8-12 weeks!