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Hi, I'm Anya and I'm 3! I actually just turned 3 on 27th February, so I'm still celebrating my birthday! The best things about my birthday were the balloons, cuddles, paletas (lollipops in English) and cake! I had a 'Dinoroar' cake - 'Dinoroar, Dinoroar, hello Mr Dinoroar' (any of you Peppa Pig fans out there will know what I'm talking about!). George the pig likes Dinoroars and I do too. Nisha and I helped Mummy make the cake and Nisha helped to decorate it. 


Nisha and I got a couple of joint presents too. We got a little picnic table because we love sitting outside for picnics - either breakfast, lunch or tea (or snacks in between!). We're sorry if that makes you English people jealous! We've been enjoying lots of hot weather here! 


And because it's been so hot here, another present we've been able to enjoy is a new paddling pool! Mummy said she could use it as a birthing pool too if she doesn't get to the hospital in time. I think I'd prefer her not to though! So, as you can see, eating and swimming are two of my favourite things (-: 


Nisha gave me a 'Mrs Potato Head' for my birthday which is great fun to take apart and put together again - upside down or back to front. I've just learnt how to draw people too, and I can draw happy faces and grumpy faces just like Mrs Potato Head has. 



Please pray for me at the moment as I'm trying to adjust to the fact that I'm going to be a big sister! I can't wait, I've been telling everyone about the new baby, but it's quite a big change for me too. I think I'm going to miss having Mummy cuddles whenever I want them as she's going to be busy with the baby sometimes. I'm going to enjoy helping her look after the baby though, and I've been practicing with my babies. My mummy looks like a big balloon - 'Big balloon, big balloon, bigger than the sun or moon!' (Another song from Peppa Pig!)


I'm looking forward to a little party we're going to have this week with my friend Susie, Valeria and Joy. I'm going to have a 'da-le da-le da-le' too (a piƱata - that's just the song they sing when they hit it). Then when Nanna and Pappa come to visit in a couple of weeks time we can celebrate again!

Well, that's all from me. Oh, just one more thing - 'Roar!!'