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Our new arrival!

Last month we were still waiting for the new arrival. Then on 19th March he arrived! Charlie William Peter Cosslett came in to the world at 10.40 pm weighing 3.5 kg (7 lb 11 oz in old money!)  10000966_10201441261427679_2065792758_o


The name Charlie is a name that is used here in Mexico (as a nickname for 'Carlos') so is easy to pronounce both here and in the UK. William was the name of Helen's Dad who died in 2001, and Peter was the name of Steve's Pappy who died in 2012. So he will carry on the memory of great men who will always be missed on both sides of the family. 

He is a very placid little boy who loves sleeping (much to our approval!) He takes after his dad in that respect! It's just as well he's easy-going with two very noisy and boisterous sisters to put up with! They both adore him however, and he definitely won't be short of cuddles with them around. Thank you all those who prayed for their transition - they've both adapted well, Anya especially seems a lot more settled now thankfully. 

He arrived in good time as 10 days later was his big sister Nisha's birthday, so it meant he could go to her birthday party. Nisha wanted a clown for her birthday party, and so we were able to hire a lady from one of our churches who does clowning as a part-time job. It was a highlight for both Nisha and Anya, and at the end the clown got some-one to pray for Nisha which was really special. 


We've had an amazing few weeks with Steve's mum and dad. They arrived a week before Charlie was born and will be going home on Good Friday, this week. We'll be very sad to say good-bye to them, but we have lots of fun memories from their time here. We have celebrated all 3 kids birthdays with them, and been out for a meal to celebrate Helen and Steve's Mum's birthdays as well. We also had a chance to go away for a few days to a place 2 hours out of Mexico City where our land-lord has a holiday house with a swimming pool in the garden. So we had a lovely relaxing time together - Charlie enjoyed the hammock, and even had his first dip in the swimming pool. 



Please pray for us all - especially the kids when the time comes to say good-bye. It's become very normal having them around, and it's going to feel like a long time til Christmas when we'll next see them. They've been a huge help with Charlie and the girls, and with all the jobs around the house as well, so we'll have some more adjusting to do when they go. We thank God for the time that they have been able to be here and for how God has blessed us so much through them.