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A Big Transition for Nisha and Anya

On June 18th Nisha and Anya will have their last official day at the Pre-school where Nisha has been going since she was 2 and Anya since she was one and a half. They are going to miss their teachers so much. Their teachers have really been amazing - their dedication, professionalism, hard work, love for the children and patience at all times have been so evident to us - even through a tragedy, which they experienced at the end of last year. We wish Nisha and Anya could take them with them to the next school! Here is a picture of Nisha and Anya with their teachers dressed up in typical Mexican outfits.




We have heard great things about the school where they will be going as well, so we're praying that the relationship with the teachers will be just as good. Of course they will both miss their friends too - Nisha especially who has developed a couple of deep friendships over this past year. As the kids from Preschool tend to go on to Primary schools scattered all over the city (or at least this part of the city), we don't think any of them are going to be going where Nisha and Anya are going. However, Nisha has been praying that God will help her make new friends quickly, and she is excited (although she went very shy in this video!)

As Nisha said, we are going to the USA for a month from the 19th June, so Nisha and Anya will actually miss the last few weeks of school unfortunately. However, their teachers have said that they will do something special on Nisha's last day and get all her class to sign her school shirt so that they can have a proper goodbye. 

Then when we get back from the States we have decided to send Nisha and Anya to the summer school at their old place, which we hope will further help with the transition. Nisha will be entering Primary 1 (Mexico start a year later than the UK - aged 6) and Anya will be entering Kinder 1 (the school where they are going has all levels up until 'Prepa' or High School/6th Form). Anya is excited as not only will she be in the same school as Nisha, but she will be in the same class as her friend Susie Forsythe. Please pray for them both as they say their goodbyes in a couple of weeks time. 

The school put on a belated Mother's Day event last week which Nisha and Anya were performing in. They both did really well. Nisha was dressed as a chica from a place called 'Veracruz' on the coast, and Anya was a chica from the north of Mexico (so she had to wear a cowgirl outfit!). 





Please pray for us as we spend time in the States. There are a few purposes for our visit. As Field Director, Steve is expected to take part in a week long meetings with other national & international leaders, which will entail a lot of meetings. We are hoping to catch up with some good friends during this time as well. Then after this we have been offered a little holiday in a couple's lake-side house, which will be a fabulous time of relaxing as a family. Steve has been asked to preach at this couple's church - a church which has been supporting MEFI for some time now. He will also be preaching at a few other churches whilst we are in the States. 

Then we are attending the OMS Conference where many supporters will be coming to find out about the current work of OMS. During our time in the Staes Steve will be ordained, pending the last few requirements he has to meet - so he will soon be a 'Rev'! (He won't be wearing a dog collar though!). This will further help with networking in Mexico and is a recognition of the pastoral and leadership role Steve has had here. We have both been asked to speak at this conference about our experiences here in Mexico so we hope God will use the time to encourage people to pray and support the work here. 

Then during our last week we will be visiting Helen's sister Becs who has just moved to Massachussetts to live there. We are so excited to see her and Debra who she's living with, and to introduce Charlie to her. She will be the first one from Helen's family to meet him in person!

So it will be a busy but exciting time, and one for which we need your prayers (especially for the kids as we will be doing quite a bit of travelling). 


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