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Back to school for Nisha, Anya and Steve!

Last month we had to do some major adjustments to our routine as Anya and Nisha started at their new school. We're thanking God that we found such a good school just round the corner. Thank you all those that were praying for this. It's bilingual and has all the different grades from Pre-school to 'High School'/'6th Form'. It is divided in to sections however, so it is not quite as crazy as it sounds! 


Both Nisha and Anya were excited to be starting there.  Nisha had been there for a trial day, which really helped her transition, as some of the girls whom she met on that trial day remembered her and have already become good friends with her - even though they're in the year above. She has a Spanish teacher - Miss Laura, and an English teacher - Miss Adriana, whom are both lovely and she seems to respond really well to them. 


She has to get to school by 7.20 am however, which is a bit of a shock to the system! What motivates her to get up more than anything is that she gets to ride with Daddy on his moped to school - and she giggles the whole way! The teachers always comment that she arrives at school with a big smile on her face! 

2014-09-15 15.12.54

Nisha has also tried out a couple of after school activities which are on offer at the school. The one that she has enjoyed most so far is music and keyboard, so she may be doing sessions of that twice a week. Please pray for the homework situation at the moment though. She gets homework in Spanish and English each day, and at times it takes her 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete all of it (and this is the case with other pupils as well we've found out). We've spoken to her teachers about this who have said that she should be spending around 40 mins a day on her homework,  and so we're hoping they will adjust what they are setting and that the situation will improve. 

Anya was excited to go back to school as well, especially as she is now with her good friend Susie (one of the other missionary kids here in Mexico. I walk to school with Anya and Charlie to get there for 8.30, so at least it's not such an early start for her. Then I usually pick both the girls up at 2.30 to walk back. We really enjoy our walks to and from school together. On the way to school Anya rides on the 'Buggy board' so that we get there quicker, and we get lots of comments and smiles from people along the way. Anya sings and plays 'eye spy' all the way there. Then they both chatter non-stop all the way home - which takes 3 times as long because we go at their pace and not mine!


Anya has a Spanish teacher (Miss Erika) and an English teacher (Miss Maggie) as well, both of whom Anya loves. Anya's class had a Cowboy themed party to welcome them during the first week, and both Nisha and Anya dressed up for a little Independence Day Party on Monday this week.

2014-09-15 09.19.24

2014-09-15 15.00.23

Steve has also gone back to school this month - but as a teacher! He has been teaching the Hermeneutics course in the Mexican Seminary that OMS have here. There are 15 students in his class - all of different ages, and he has to teach for 3 hours in Spanish every Tuesday evening. He's really enjoying it though, and so are his students, so it might be something he does again in the future. 


Charlie however is just learning to eat and talk, so his classes are at home with Mummy!


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