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Adventures outside Mexico City

Late last night I returned from 10 days in the United States after having meetings at our world headquarters with our national and international directors. It was a wonderful time of sharing together about what God is doing around the world, I was especially thrilled to hear of over 5.2 million Africans coming to Christ during the past 10 years through OMS' work with local partnerships. OMS has much bigger and exciting plans beyond this, including what we're looking to do in Mexico. Another week I'll share more.

Right now we want to share about the great things that happened on the MEFI camp. Some of you will have seen my video I posted on Facebook and Twitter last week, if you didn't, here's the link. We had a team come from Ohio whom we talked about a fortnight ago, they did a really great job and we're very grateful to them. I'm going to ask one of the team members to share their story of what went on during the camp another week. However, for now we want to celebrate the 10 street young people who were baptised along with two-members of the Ohio team. Please be in prayer for the street young people especially, the youngest was 12, they have all faced trials most of us could not imagine. Over the coming weeks we will try to share more of their stories and how they're getting on. Here are the photos of the baptisms, join us in celebrating God's goodness!













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