Some plant, some water, but it is God that makes it grow!
Adventures outside Mexico City

The growing world-wide MEFI team!

The last few weeks have seen quite a lot of comings and goings. Firstly we had 3 ladies from the charity shop in N. Ireland come to visit for a couple of weeks. Christina is the manager of the shop and the other two ladies are volunteers there. It was a great encouragement for us to have them here and to show them what the money they raise goes towards. The shop has been open for almost a year now, and they have now some regular customers and have built up a really good reputation in the town where the shop is (Cookstown). The shop supports both MEFI and some of the missionary families here so we are so thankful to God for them. 


Then we had a couple from Kentucky come and stay with us for a week. Their names are Michael and Jamie Harris. Michael serves as a pastor in a church in Kentucky, but they have both recently felt called to come to Mexico full time with one of their kids, Jenna, who is currently 14 years old. They hope to arrive here in the summer of 2016. Michael hopes to teach in the Bible Seminary and working with the church planting team, and Jamie hopes to be involved in women's ministry here and in MEFI as well. It was great to be able to host them and to see their burden for Mexico and the people here. We are really excited that God is drawing more workers here to the harvest. 


At the same time a team from a church in Oklahoma came for a week to help out in the drop-in centre and encourage the MEFI team. This church was instrumental in helping the second-level of the drop-in centre become a reality. They gave so generously and many teams came to help with the building and painting work. I often think of the huge world-wide team of people we now have praying and giving to MEFI, and then remember how it all started with one Mexican man called Fidel, who's heart was broken for the street-children and knew he had to do something about it. So he did. And MEFI was birthed. And now hundreds of people are getting involved and the team is growing. 


The MEFI team have 4 extra workers with them at the moment. One is Mim (far left in first picture below) - a girl from Wales who is here doing a 4 month internship for her University course. Another is Will (on right in second picture) who is an intern from Texas who is here for a couple of months. Reo (far right of Mim in picture) came to Mexico from California after feeling God calling her here to work with street kids. She didn't know about MEFI when she arrived here, but found out about it through the internet and got in touch with us. She is hoping to work as a 'tent-maker' missionary here to support herself whilst she helps at MEFI. Then there is a Mexican guy called Julio (speaking to the street kids in the third picture below) who was studying at the seminary and who himself went through rehab for drugs and feels called to now help others who are struggling with the same problems. So he is doing a trial period at MEFI to see whether it is the right thing for him to join the team or not. 



Currently we have a team from Cleveland, Ohio, here of 22, made up of young people and their leaders. It is a huge team, and several of them have been here before, so it is exciting to see them come back. One of the girls is called Olivia and has asked to stay on for a month after the team leave. She is 16 and will be staying with us during that time. Also, one of the young guys Berkeley is staying until November. Please pray for God to speak to them during their time here and mould them for what he wants to do through them in the future. 

Mexico 2015 Group Photo

Please pray for the MEFI camp that will be happening from Tuesday until Friday of this week. There are around 25 street young people going plus the MEFI team and team from Cleveland. We are really excited that 10 of these street young people have been doing baptism classes in preparation for being baptised during the camp. Please pray that they all turn up to go, and that they don't get 'cold feet' at the last minute! We know that they will encounter spiritual attack, but that this will be a huge step for them and a huge testimony to the others. 


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