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Eli, Samuel and Edith

Please pray for Eli, Samuel and Edith, we have written about them in previous blogs. (click here to see). We saw them a couple of months ago, but recently hadn't heard from them, so Helen called Eli on Friday night and discovered she hadn't called because she didn't have credit on her phone. However, what was harder to hear is that they have been locked in their apartment for the past month fearing eviction due to the fact Eli had no work and had mounting debts. Without going into too many details you can imagine this is putting huge amounts of pressure on her and her kids. Eli hasn't eaten for weeks and has been relying on donations of food - mainly bread rolls and instant soup from a neighbour for the kids. Eli has reached breaking point, she has experienced so many crises in her life that this one has now sent her in to a deep depression. Her children haven't been able to go to school for the last month, and Samuel (10 years) is saying he wants to run away - to the streets, so hence she won't let him out of the apartment.  

MEFI seeks to be proactive as well as reactive and we certainly don't want to see this family head to the streets. So this week we are planning to move them closer to us in the North of the city. We were thrilled this morning when we encountered a Christian land-lady who told us she'd like to offer her little apartment at a lower rent. 

So we are sure God has His hand on this situation and is opening the doors for Eli to move closer to us, where we can help build a community of support around her. 

Please pray for this transition, Eli and her kids have hardly eaten or slept in the past few weeks and they need lots of love and support. If you would like to help Eli and her family in addition to prayer, please contact us: and we can share some opportunities. 

Have and good week, Steve and Helen


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Mandy Hassall

Hi. Let me know how I could help. Will pray.God Bless you all and the amazing work you are doing.

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