Forgive, just as God has forgiven you
Cosslett Announcement (Spring 2016)

Meet the MEFI Team


We thank God for this amazing team of dedicated workers for Christ.

Some of you may be seeing some of these faces for the first time, so we thought we'd share a little about who the team are and what they do.

Carmen has been the director of the ministry since early 2014. She trained as a doctor, but left her job to work in ministry full time many years ago. She has made huge sacrifices to serve God wherever He has led her, and she has been used by God to help the ministry grow and develop.

Alex, and his wife Paty were the first to join the team when Helen was in Mexico in 2004. They began their journey with MEFI as prayer partners, and prayed faithfully for the ministry for a whole year before they started physically working with the street-kids. Alex, is an ex-drug addict, who has been in prison for taking drugs, and Paty is an alcoholic, so they really can empathise with what the street children and young people face and their testimony has a real impact. Many of the young people call Alex and Paty 'Mum and Dad', because of the way they care for them as if they were their own. They co-ordinate the discipleship programme in the centre amongst other things. 

Rosa works in the MEFI kitchen preparing delicious meals for the young people on the days the drop-in centre is open. She has an amazing servant heart and she will often comfort and talk at a deep level with individuals who wander in to the kitchen to help out.

Gloria (who used the name Brenda whilst she was on the streets) helps with the cleaning of the drop-in centre. God has transformed her life from what it was when she was on the streets. She now rents a room with her two daughters - Alondra (in the picture) and Valeria (4 years). She still faces many challenges, but God has been faithful and has used her to encourage the other young people who come to the drop-in centre that God can transform their lives too.  

Josue joined the team last year and works in the area of publicity, social media, and promoting prayer support. He's also started giving classes in the new computer room that was donated recently. He has been such a blessing to the team and the young people. God has given him a heart to serve and encourage others wherever God leads him, and he is sensing that God is calling him to missionary work in the future, so please pray for him as he seeks God's will in this.  

Julio also joined the team last year and is in his final year at the seminary. He showed an interest in MEFI as he, like Alex is an ex-drug addict and has been through rehabilitation. God has and is doing amazing things in his life, and is using both him and his wife Susanna (who volunteers at the centre) to touch the lives of the young people with His love and compassion. 

We had the opportunity to spend some time with the team recently and we heard that all of them are facing tough and challenging family situations at the moment. To respect confidentiality we can't share all the details, but would ask that you lift up each one of them in your prayers. In the Bible Paul reminds us in the book of Ephesians that our struggle is not against 'flesh and blood', but against the 'powers of this dark world' and against the 'spiritual forces of evil' - who we know are seeking to destroy the work that God is doing in the lives of the street young people. It seems that at the moment he is seeking to do this by attacking the team and their families. 

We love this team so much and give thanks to God for their willingness and dedication to give their all to this ministry. It is hard and costly, but also extremely rewarding when you see a life brought in to God's family and changed and restored!



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ursula hannuscheck

If you ever feel discouraged, lift your head and look into our saviours face, He didn't give up and had many reasons to be so sad, even at the cross He shared His love. The enemy is already defeated. In Jesus we have the victory! Let's stand together as ONE, because of HIM! O how HE loves you!Ursula

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