A Week of Thanksgiving

We've been a bit bogged down with illness recently, hence the lack of a blog last week. Then this week-end the whole house-hold managed to be afflicted by some sort of stomach bug, so we're still trying to fight it off. However, in the midst of the sickness and frustration we have had lots to give thanks to God for. 

One exciting event was a visit from a couple who are hoping to move to Mexico in the near future (the husband, Phil, is American, the wife, Paula, is Mexican). They will be working in Mexico with Ambassadors In Sport and are interested in partnering with MEFI in some way. Of course football is always something that will appeal to the street-boys and we had a special tournament for the street-kids (and MEFI workers) on the day he visited. It was a really fun time and Phil, who is a football coach, shared his testimony with the kids. 


We also were excited to see one of the street boys 'J' preaching at the street-kid's church on Friday morning. He has only been coming along to the drop-in centre for a little while, but he has a great hunger to study God's word and preached on the story of Nehemiah that he had heard in a rehab centre and which had made a big impact on him. He shared how God had challenged him to show the same faith and obedience as Nehemiah and he challenged the other street-kids to take steps of faith as well. 

IMG_0231 - Version 2

Then of course with last Thursday being Thanksgiving Day in the USA and with  us having a native with us (!) we had to join in with the celebrations. Nisha enjoyed helping with the preparations which included making 3 different types of pie, and making lots of 'hand turkeys' to decorate the house with. We had a few families round for dinner and had quite a feast to say the least, with enough to make the traditional left-over sandwiches - yum! Nisha also had a little celebration at her school where she and the other members of her class had to say a phrase in English - it was quite funny hearing her saying it with a strong Mexican accent - she had obviously learnt it from her Mexican teacher!



Then on Friday, Nisha and Anya were invited to go to a Safari Park with the school. I went along for the ride and it was fun but exhausting trip. Nisha enjoyed feeding the giraffes, camels, lamas, zebras etc, but one of her favourite bits was feeding the cows! We got up close to lions and tigers as well, but of course Anya was much more interested in 'cuddling' (or torturing!) the bunny rabbits!